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harry poterResignation
Ok so before you guys all kill me for not posting for over a month now, let me explain the reason for my long absence. Ok so in October of last year (October 30th 2005 to be exact) a become a news poster for Hogwarts Heir, my interest in the Harry Potter series was great but as I posted day by day and night by night I noticed that I was rapidly loosing interest in the Harry Potter series and sometimes dreaded having to post the latest news on Hogwarts Heir. There were even some periods that I did not even post at all. 
Since October of last year I have posted over 150 news items on the site. I now believe that the reason for my interest being lost is the series was due to posting news. Now don’t get me wrong being a news poster for a Harry Potter website as great as Hogwarts Heir can be fun. I have realized that I enjoyed the Harry Potter series more before I made my own Harry Potter website and started news posting on various sites. In conclusion I have decided after thinking about it that I am going to resign from Hogwarts Heir. I will though continue posting comments. I would though strongly encourage some of you comment posters (wink wink) (Arther Qwerty) to apply for a job at Hogwarts Heir such as a content creator or even a News Poster. 
Lastly I would like to restate Paul’s point that you guys should really not use the comment’s as a place to argue and see who can come up with a better comeback because Chandler Bing I do care if you guys argue on Hogwarts Heir so please, I would really appreciate if you guys would stop. I would finally like to thank you all (every visitor to Hogwarts Heir) for making the site what it is today.
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