Fun Facts about Hogwarts

Fun Facts about Hogwarts

Any diehard Harry Potter fan should know at least some of these fun facts about Hogwarts and the characters in HP films and books:

1. To Muggles, Hogwarts looks like a rundown building with a sign saying “Keep Out: Dangerous.

2. Alfonso Cuaron, in order to become more familiar with the main characters, asked the three main stars to write an essay about the characters they played. Emma Watson stayed true to her Hermione role by submitting a 16-page essay. Daniel Radcliffe just submitted a simple-1 page note, as Harry would have done. Rupert Grint didn’t even turn in his essay, though. Classic Ron Weasley behavior!

3. Dobby’s first words to Harry were “Harry Potter.” Those were his last words too when he died saving Harry’s life, in defiance of Harry’s orders back in the second book that Dobby should never try to save his life again.

4. “Albus” means white, to signify the character’s goodness. But “Dumbledore” is an old English word that means “bumblebee”. Rowling said that he always imagined the headmaster humming to himself.

5. Sometimes nepotism is a good thing. The young Tom Riddle in the orphanage scene is played by Ralph Fiennes’ nephew. Brendan Gleeson plays Mad-Eye Moody, and his son Domhall Gleeson plays Bill Weasley.

6. In the movie for the Half Blood Prince, the original script had Dumbledore reminiscing about a girl he once had a crush on. That was when Rowling revealed that Dumbledore was gay, a fact that she later made public.  Read more “Fun Facts about Hogwarts”